Caring for your oral health during the COVID-19 pandemic

Caring for your oral health during the COVID-19 pandemic

Caring for your oral health during the current pandemic weakens the COVID-19 effects on oral health.

COVID-19 and dental problems in the covid-19 pandemic boosts new research. Recent international study by McGill medical leaders from the Journal of Clinical Periodontology concludes that infected, inflamed gums could mean higher rates of complications. Complex conditions for those diagnosed with the SARS-COV-2 virus. Also, more fatal outcomes unveil for those individuals.

So, what could you do? Government of Canada admits the rising need for dental health access and prevention.

Oral health and covid-19 pandemic

According to the Canada Centres for Disease Control and Prevention the population with higher risk for developing oral disease are at increased risk to get dental disease during the covid-19. Generally, due to poor dental hygiene access to care.  

Thus, you consider returning to your dentist during the covid-19 pandemic?

Here are survey results from 2021. When asked how confident are the patients in their dentist to follow all infection control guidelines. More than 87% have full trust in their dentists.

And only 5% of all patients have an emergency visit while 62% visit on a schedule.

Moreover, the dentists assure extra measures to control covid-19.  

  • time increase for extra cleaning between patients
  • covid-19 guidelines awareness including symptom prescreening
  • proof of infection control

After all, caring for your oral health reduces the risk of fatal outcomes from COVID-19.